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Applies To

  • innovaphone PBX from version 13r3
  • innovaphone devices supporting a CONF or SCNF interface


Conference Web Access is a new feature of the Conference Object. It is used to access conference rooms which allows audio, video, application sharing and chat between all participants. Those conference rooms can be joined via WebRTC using any browser, myApps (Phone or Softphone app) or by phone.


  • CONF or SCNF interface with appropriate channel licensing
  • Conference App license (App(innovaphone-pbx-conference)13): necessary to create Conference Web Access HTTP links.
  • Port license : The registration of the CONF and/or SCNF to the PBX Conference object does not require a Port license. Although this is not directly related to the CONF or SCNF interface itself, please note that a single Port license is required if any of the rooms defined in a PBX Conference object is accessed using the conference web access (External participants) (from 13r3).


The configuration of the conference object remains as described in this wiki article.

Two options affect the Conference Web Access:

Web Access allowed
Needs to be enabled to use Conference Web Access
International Number
Used as phone number in meeting invitations. (The meeting room number is automatically appended, which means you do not need to add it here.)



First, the lobby page of the conference room is opened with the conference web access link. Here, the participant has to enter a display name and can select a microphone and a speaker device and a webcam.

The audio can be tested by clicking the TEST Button in the upper right corner of webcam preview. The test function will loop back the audio of your microphone to your speaker device and the sound level is displayed in the top center of your webcam preview.

If a webcam is available, a preview video will be displayed. The brightness, contrast and saturation can be adjusted by hovering over the preview.

The number of participants can be seen in the upper left corner of the webcam preview.


A notification sound is played for each participant joining the room and each chat message. These notifications can be turned off in the settings area of the UI by the user.

Data Content

The base64 encoded data of the HTTP link is a MD5 hash. This hash is calculated with a key of the PBX conference object (attribute "key" of the configuration) and a key of the room (attribute "wa" of a room configuration). Note that the '+' are replaces with '-' and the '/' with '_' after base64-encoded to be URL-compatible.



A TURN server is normally used. External participants must care that if they use a firewall, it does not block the TURN ports and that the RTP port range is also accessible. Otherwise the call is terminated with the release code network out of order (0x26).

Conference object

The conference object itself has a trace option (Options tab). This option allows innovaphone to investigate problems with the announcements or resource allocations. If you activate this option, innovaphone debug messages are created which can be seen in a trace.

Webcam and microphone

When you enter the conference web access lobby, your own webcam is displayed. If you cannot see your own camera image, your browser could not allocate the webcam. The microphone can be tested as well. Please click on the TEST link in the lobby of the conference web access. The sound from your own microphone will be looped to your audio device.

Web Access UI

You can add &debug=on to the conference meeting URL to activate client troubleshooting. The pink overlay provides information about all 3 video streams sent by the client. You can see which port is used on the PC, which codec is used, how many frames were sent and how many were lost. You can also see the bitrate and the resolution of each video stream. In addition, a graph is displayed that informs you about the upstream and downstream bandwidth consumption.

Pressing the ... icon on the right side of the pink overlay will give you even more information. A participants list is displayed which allows an overview of all video streams including their video ID and bitrate. Additionally a list of all currently connected streams is displayed.

On top of this list we can see the audio connection between the PC and the conference interface. We can see the codec and the IP endpoint address of the audio connection.

Underneath (green) your three video send connections will be shown. You can see the IP endpoint address, codec, quality and bitrate. If the bitrate is 0, you do not upload a video stream in this quality. The reason is that your other participants did not order this video stream from you.

The blue connections are video streams from other participants. Depending on the view (gallery or focused view), different video streams are displayed. The video ID indicates which video stream is received from which participant.

SCNF/CONF interface

The conference interfaces (CONF/SCNF) have a trace option. This trace flag will give us more information about the different calls connected to the conference interface.