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As of today (December 2022) we support firmware versions 13r3, 13r2, 12r2 and 11r2.

This article explains the rule behind this.

Applies To

This information applies to all innovaphone products and firmware

What it means

The firmware described here is being supported by us generally (that is, support tickets may be opened, and we provide new service releases). However, on specific devices, firmware support may end earlier due to technical restrictions. See Howto:Firmware Upgrade for details.

Basic explanation of the supported versions

Structure of version numbers

Version numbers are composed as followed: (Major Version)r(Minor Version)sr(Service Release)
This means for example for 13r2sr10:

  • Major Version: 13
  • Minor Version: r2
  • Service Release: sr10

General rule for supported versions

We support the 2 latest minor versions in the latest major version and the latest minor version in the 3 latest major versions

If the latest version is 13r2, we support 13r2 and 13r1 as the latest minor versions and 13r2, 12r2 and 11r2 as the latest major versions.
If the latest version is 13r3, we support 13r3 and 13r2 as the latest minor versions and 13r3, 12r2, 11r2 as the latest major versions.
If the latest version is 14r1, we support 14r1, 13r3 as the latest minor versions and 14r1, 13r3, 12r2 as the latest major versions.

Special exceptions

As is often the case, there are of course exceptions to every rule. In this case, the exceptions to the above rules are as follows.

  • V6 firmware on an IP21 in order to take advantage of the AUX or door interface will continue to be supported. (Support will end at latest once a replacement product featuring a door and AUX interface is released.)
  • Linux Application Platform V10.00 inclusive Applications, the latest service release
  • TAPI V8.00, latest release
  • Queue Monitor (iQM) V8.00, latest release
  • Operator V9.00, latest release
  • Voice Recording 2014 V8.00, latest release
  • log2pcap V6.00, latest release
  • Wireshark DLLs V6.00, latest release

Problems with old versions

If you have issues which can not be fixed by changing the configuration, you need to upgrade to a more recent version.

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