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Applies To

  • innovaphone SoftphoneApp 13r3
  • innovaphone PhoneApp 13r3
  • innovaphone RccApp 13r3


  • innovaphone PBX version 13r3 or higher
  • SoftphoneApp, PhoneApp or RccApp


Feature Availability
SoftphoneApp PhoneApp RCC App
Call control: Hold, transfer, park, 3PTY conference, DTMF
Hide own number
Call Waiting
Additional conference control: Request to speak, list of participants
Acoustic "Blubb" when joining a conference
Media: Multi-Video, application sharing, non-persistent chat
Detach video
Display recording state. Start / stop recording
Call forwardings (display and configuration)
Start external application for call (automatic or manual)
Favorites (profile picture, dialog monitoring, start call, start chat, pickup, transfer)
Call history (profile picture, start call, start chat, transfer)
Search (profile picture, contact details, start call, start chat, transfer)
Reverse Lookup of Outlook Contacts ✔*

* starting with 13r3SR4

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